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US-7859468-B2: Mobile wireless communications device including a folded monopole multi-band antenna and related methods patent, US-7916909-B2: Method and means for image processing patent, US-8110422-B2: Manufacturing method of semiconductor laser element patent, US-8156837-B2: Multiple-ratio transmission with concentric offset shift forks patent, US-8283786-B2: Integrated circuit system with contact integration patent, US-8300665-B2: Method for transmitting control signals in a wireless communication system patent, US-8334241-B2: Grease-sealed rolling bearing with rotary outer race patent, US-8356411-B2: Exhaust manifold with hybrid construction and method patent, US-6776417-B1: Disc golf target patent, US-6837757-B2: Rim-driven propulsion pod arrangement patent, US-7103120-B2: Adaptive antenna reception apparatus patent, US-7300239-B2: Hoist for loading and unloading objects on a truck bed patent, US-7424819-B2: Gas sensor patent, US-7427861-B2: Dual-tuned microstrip resonator volume coil patent, US-7453397-B2: System controllable by an external microcontroller via an interface patent, US-7611209-B2: Reversible cutting tool with shield patent, JP-2004348012-A: 携帯端末におけるカラオケシステム patent, US-7671381-B2: Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same patent, US-7797962-B2: Method of operating an aircraft system patent, US-7871094-B2: Reconfigurable tilt wheelchair patent, US-8022498-B1: Electrostatic discharge management apparatus, systems, and methods patent, US-8443421-B2: Method and apparatus for implementing communication of stand-alone software patent, US-7037909-B2: Tetracyclic compounds as c-Met inhibitors patent, US-7114271-B2: Cutting tool for digging trenches, and enabling the cutter head to be changed quickly patent, US-7251563-B2: System and method for computing inorganic particle suspensions by wave and current action patent, US-7338055-B2: Method and workstation for single patient medical care patent, US-7597303-B2: Vehicle power seat slide device patent, US-7702546-B2: Article storage apparatus, article storing method for the apparatus, and control program for implementing the method patent, US-7711482-B2: Hybrid INS/GNSS system with integrity monitoring and method for integrity monitoring patent, US-7751452-B2: Fiber laser arrangement patent, US-7779173-B2: Direct memory access transfer completion notification patent, US-7901093-B2: Modeling light transport in complex display systems patent, US-7923033-B2: Composition of matter comprising particles which contain choline chloride to be administered in a rumen protected and post-ruminally effective form patent, US-8192141-B1: Dual compression rotor patent, US-8209422-B2: Networking capability determination mechanism patent, US-7051577-B2: Multi-functional leak detection instrument along with sensor mounting assembly and methodology utilizing the same patent, US-7305937-B2: Rotary toroidal machine with piston connecting mechanism patent, US-7610135-B2: Apparatus for transmitting data acquired from bus-connected plural on-vehicle sensors to processing unit patent, US-7691045-B2: Technology for continuous folding of sheet materials patent, US-7713253-B2: Deformable tampon comprising an inner wrap and outer wrap patent, US-7774386-B2: Applying abstraction to object markup definitions patent, US-7802806-B2: Nerf bar structure and replaceable foot peg inserts for utility and off road vehicles patent, US-7985711-B2: Thermosensitive recording material and recording method using the same patent, US-8049471-B2: System, method and apparatus to automatically detect a type of a variable output DC power source patent, US-8053123-B2: Fuel cell system with a scavenging device and AC impedance measuring unit patent, US-8135041-B2: Multiple closed captioning flows and customer access in digital networks patent, US-8296207-B2: Backward/forward trading contracts based on REIT-based pure property return indexes patent, US-8327158-B2: Hardware voting mechanism for arbitrating scaling of shared voltage domain, integrated circuits, processes and systems patent, US-6746200-B1: Auxiliary vehicle transporter patent, US-6926086-B2: Method for removing a tool from a well patent, US-6960105-B2: Jet propulsion boat patent, US-7518384-B2: Method and apparatus for manufacturing and probing test probe access structures on vias patent, US-7563526-B2: Fuel cell system and method for removal of water from fuel cells patent, US-7640725-B2: Pilot fuel flow tuning for gas turbine combustors patent, US-7784239-B2: Closure frame corner joint patent, US-7830412-B2: Method and apparatus for shielding correction pixels from spurious charges in an imager patent, US-8267097-B2: Packaging and applicator devices and kits, and methods of application patent, US-8315368-B2: System and method for real-time blocking of a telephone call patent, US-8486456-B2: Itraconazole compositions with improved bioavailability patent, US-8540461-B2: Circular pile head for underpinning a slab patent, US-6854306-B2: Self-contained lock assembly patent, US-7099325-B1: Alternately accessed parallel lookup tables for locating information in a packet switched network patent, US-7270374-B2: Structure for anatomical support with frame and convex cushioned plate for back, headrest and seat, for seating in general, especially seats in motor vehicles, with manual and motor-driven adaption of cushioned plate covexity and position patent, US-7864104-B2: Device for determining and monitoring the level of a medium in a container patent, US-7899665-B2: Methods and systems for detecting the alphabetic order used by different languages patent, US-7933435-B2: System, method, and kit for processing a magnified image of biological material to identify components of a biological object patent, US-8123427-B2: Mounting for an optical apparatus patent, US-8291307-B2: Parity generator, priority encoder, and information processor patent, US-8440318-B2: Water-soluble substrate with resistance to dissolution prior to being immersed in water patent, US-8538062-B1: System, method, and computer program product for validating an aspect of media data processing utilizing a signature patent, US-6751871-B2: Vegetation cutter/catcher patent, US-7425011-B2: Trailer hitch patent, US-7538073-B2: Pyrazoylcarboxanilides as fungicides patent, US-7928779-B2: Methods and apparatuses for incremental bandwidth changes responsive to frequency changes of a phase-locked loop patent, US-8206369-B2: Stimulation method for the sphenopalatine ganglia, sphenopalatine nerve, or vidian nerve for treatment of medical conditions patent, US-7484002-B2: Content delivery and global traffic management network system patent, US-7651043-B2: Bale grinder patent, US-8028953-B2: Accelerating device patent, US-8074801-B2: Modular package for feminine hygiene articles patent, US-8379171-B2: Fringe field switching mode liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same patent, US-6920717-B2: Non-contact sensor system and mounting barrier patent, US-7036465-B2: Two-stroke and four-stroke switching mechanism patent, US-7411594-B2: Information processing apparatus and method patent, US-7434879-B2: Structure for attaching spring patent, US-7573872-B2: Selective forwarding of damaged packets patent, US-7577784-B1: Full-ternary content addressable memory (CAM) configurable for pseudo-ternary operation patent, US-7644893-B2: Full authority fly-by-wire pedal system patent, US-7869418-B2: Communication apparatus and communication method patent, US-7872793-B2: Spatial light modulator patent, US-8142677-B2: Piezoelectric ceramic composition patent, US-8256502-B2: Heat exchange member and heat exchange apparatus patent, US-7025696-B2: Golf ball containing graphite nanosheets in a polymeric network patent, US-7059491-B1: Apparatus and method for observing chemical substances patent, US-7216164-B1: Methods and apparatus for determining the performance of a server patent, US-7218511-B1: Electrical enclosure system patent, US-7663671-B2: Location based image classification with map segmentation patent, US-7700240-B2: Non-aqueous electrolyte for use in a battery patent, US-7834273-B2: Multilayer printed wiring board patent, US-8139347-B2: Touch pad module assembly structure patent, US-7222021-B2: Operator guiding system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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